Bank of Hawaii Hours Safeway – Helpful Information

Bank Of Hawaii hours safeway - Useful Information

Bank of Hawaii is one of the oldest Hawaiian banks, it was founded one hundred twenty-three years ago. Joseph Ballard Atherton, Peter Cushman Jones, and Charles Montague Cooke are founders of the bank. They founded the Bank of Hawaii in January 1897.

Later Bank of Hawaii Maui was opened by merging of three big banks:  Lahaina National Bank and two First National Banks from locations Paia and Wailuku. Nowadays the bank operates as a commercial bank and it is a department of Bank Of Hawaii Corporation.

Bank of Hawaii has the biggest number of accounts, clients, branches, and Bank of Hawaii ATM locations in Hawaiian island. The Safeway Lihue In-Store Branch is located in Lihue and it is the main office for servicing needs in such Hawaiian locations as Lihue and Kauai, operating for 5 years. It was opened in September 2015.

Safeway Lihue In-Store Branch Address

4454 Nuhou Street Suite 302

Lihue, Hawaii 96766

bank of hawaii hours safeway

Safeway Lihue In-Store Branch Contacts and Website

+1 808- 246-2819

Safeway Lihue In-Store Branch Services

This branch provides the following services:

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Corporate
  • Comercial
  • Wealth management

Personal and Business services include: checking and savings accounts, special packages, loans & lines, mortgages, credit and debit cards, online & mobile banking, iras, additional services.

Corporate and Commercial services includes: checking and savings accounts, cash management, loans & leasing, international trade services, business needs,  additional services.

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Wealth management includes: investment products, Bankoh advisors, estate and financial planning, private banking, investment management, personal trust, bank investment services, inc.

bank of hawaii hours safeway
Bank of Hawaii Safeway Lihue In-Store

Bank of Hawaii Hours Safeway Lihue In-Store Branch

Bank of Hawaii hours Safeway are similar to other branches with one exception. bank of Hawaii opens on Sunday in Lihue.

MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday09:00 am.- 06:00 pm.09:00 am.- 06:00 pm.09:00 am.- 06:00 pm.09:00 am.- 06:00 pm.09:00 am.- 06:00 pm.


09:00 am.- 02:00 pm.02:00 am.- 06:00 pm.

Safeway Lihue In-Store Branch Zip Code


Safeway Lihue In-Store Branch Map Code

XJ99 + 84 Lihue, Hawaii, United States

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