Bank Of Hawaii Kahului Branch – Detailed Information

Bank Of Hawaii Kahului - Useful Information

In this article you will find out the useful information about Bank Of Hawaii Kahului Branch, bank services, address and contacts. First, we will deal with the history of the bank.

Bank of Hawaii is one of the oldest Hawaiian banks, it was founded one hundred twenty-three years ago. Joseph Ballard Atherton, Peter Cushman Jones, and Charles Montague Cooke are founders of the bank. They founded Bank of Hawaii in January 1897.

Later Bank of Hawaii Maui was opened by merging of three big banks:  Lahaina National Bank and two First National Banks from locations Paia and Wailuku. Nowadays the bank operates as a commercial bank and it is a department of Bank Of Hawaii Corporation.

bank of hawaii kahului

Bank of Hawaii Development Timeline

  • 1897, the bank  was established;
  • from 1900 to 1940, Bankoh established itself as the Hawaiian territory largest bank;
  • In the 1930s, the rapid rise of the Bank of Hawaii due to middle-class appearance;
  • From the 1940s to 1950s, the number of tourists increased, that served the increasing of visitors to Bank of Hawaii, and at the same time its development;
  • 1959 Hawaii got the status of the state, The state’s population was a base with a sizeable middle class for Bankoh to serve;
  • 1968, the Bank of Hawaii International, Inc. was formed;
  • 1971, Hawaii Bancorporation, Inc. was formed;
  • 1973, Bancorp Leasing of Hawaii, Inc. was formed to provide leasing to commercial customers;
  • 1979, the  company was changed to Bancorp Hawaii, Inc;
  • during the 1980s, the company started to expand its operations;
  • 1985, the company acquired Hawaiian Trust Company;
  • 1986, FirstFed America, Inc. (later renamed Bancorp Pacific, Inc.) was formed to acquire First Federal Savings and Loan Association;
  • 1989, the Bancorp Hawaii Insurance Service, Ltd. was formed;
  • during the 1990s, Bancorp Hawaii continued to expand;
  • 1997, Bancorp Hawaii acquired California United Bank with 21 branches in Southern California;
  • 1999, the company more than doubled its original investment in the Bank of Queensland, increasing its ownership stake to 17 percent.
  • By 2003, Bank of Hawaii Corp.’s stock was trading in the $30 range.
  • 2004, Bank of Hawaii Corp.’s stock was trading for more than $45 per share.
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Bank of Hawaii Kahului branch was established in 1997, 23 years ago. It is one of the 63 bank offices that serve its customer’s needs in Kahului, Maui.

The Bank of Hawaii Kahului Branch Address

170 E Kamehameha Avenue, Suite 1

Kahului, Hawaii 96732

bank of hawaii kahului

The Bank of Hawaii Kahului Branch Contacts and Website

+1 808- 856-2330

The Bank of Hawaii Kahului Branch Services

This branch provides the following services:

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Corporate
  • Comercial
  • Wealth management

Personal and Business services include: checking and savings accounts, special packages, loans & lines, mortgages, credit and debit cards, online & mobile banking, IRAs, additional services.
Corporate and Commercial services include checking and savings accounts, cash management, loans & leasing, international trade services, business needs,  additional services.

Wealth management includes investment products, Bankoh advisors, estate and financial planning, private banking, investment management, personal trust, bank investment services, inc.

The Bank of Hawaii Kahului Branch Operating Hours

Bank of Hawaii Maui operating hours are below.

08:30 am.- 04:00 pm.08:30 am.- 04:00 pm.08:30 am.- 04:00 pm.08:30 am.- 04:00 pm.08:30 am.- 06:00 pm.


09:00 am.- 01:00 pm.closed

The Bank of Hawaii Kahului Branch Map Code

VGQM+HM Kahului, Hawaii, United States

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