Bank Of Hawaii Kalihi Office – Detailed Information

Bank of Hawaii Kalihi Hawaii – Helpful Detailed Manual

Bank of Hawaii, often called Bankoh,  was founded opened in 1897, 123 years ago. The Bank of Hawaii Kalihi Branch was established 32 years ago, in 1958. Bankoh’s main aim was to supply necessary banking services to its community, which worked in plantations, growing the pineapples. If the community demands and pineapple industry wasn’t increased, the Bankoh cannot develop,  as well. The politicians decided to solve this problem and attracted the settlers from the USA to develop the territory and industry.

Firstly they decided to support pineapple growing and sugar production as well. These measures contributed to the development of the Bankoh. The migration of immigrants and new ventures were increased, as attracted by the fast grow pineapple and sugar industry.

The number of American settlers was not numerous, but the waves of other immigrants from Japan, Filipino, Korean, Puerto Rican, Spanish, and Portuguese started to grow.  In the period from 1900 to 1940, the population of the territory increased significantly, triple its number from 154,001 to 422,770 people.

It contributed to the growth of Bankoh’s potential clients, influencing beneficially on the economic climate that allowed Banco to establish itself as the largest bank in the territory of Hawaii in the period from the 20th century to the 21st century.

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The rapid growth of Hawaii’s population was the main reason of Bankoh development. But the Hawaiian society structure was not as effective to the bank’s growth as it could have been. The power was concentrated in the Hawaiian Big Five hands, while the plantation society existed not having the middle class. Small businesses didn’t develop, loans and deposits weren’t demanded.

This banking process is usually generated by the middle class, that’s why Bankoh loses a significant amount of business, keeping its development under control.  When Hawaiian society began to lose its feudal roots and adopt a democratic way of development, the middle class appeared. The industry became for Hawaii the most important source of income and no longer depended on a single-industry economy.

Nowadays it is the biggest bank in Hawaii with assets of $18billion. Bank of Hawaii Big Island has 63 branches.

The Bank of Hawaii Kalihi Branch Address

1950 North King Street

Honolulu, Hawaii 96819

bank of hawaii kalihi

The Bank of Hawaii Kalihi Branch Contacts and Website

+1 808- 832-40-70

The Bank of Hawaii Kalihi Branch Services

This branch provides the following services:

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Corporate
  • Comercial
  • Wealth management

Personal and Business services include: checking and savings accounts, special packages, loans & lines, mortgages, credit and debit cards, online & mobile banking, iras, additional services.

Corporate and Commercial services include checking and savings accounts, cash management, loans & leasing, international trade services, business needs,  additional services.

Wealth management includes investment products, Bankoh advisors, estate and financial planning, private banking, investment management, personal trust, bank investment services, inc.

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The Bank of Hawaii Kalihi Branch Operating Hours

Bank of Hawaii hours of weekdays are below. Bank Of Hawaii Saturday hours aren’t available. This branch doesn’t work at weekends.


08:30 am.- 04:00 pm.08:30 am.- 04:00 pm.08:30 am.- 04:00 pm.08:30 am.- 04:00 pm.08:30 am.- 06:00 pm.



The Bank of Hawaii Kalihi Branch

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