Find Banks in Oahu, Honolulu – Helpful Detailed Information

Find Banks in Oahu, Honolulu – 7 TOP Popular Banks

The capital city of Hawaii is Honolulu. It is also the largest Hawaiian city, which is situated on the south of the Oʻahu island. It’s famous for its gorgeous landscapes, great beaches, and varieties of cultures. The Pacific and east-west cultures determine by their unique traditions and cuisine. The city is also the main gateway to Hawaii.

Honolulu is also a major international business space where you can find local banks. There are major banks in Hawaii Oahu. The largest banks in Honolulu are Bank of Hawaii, American Savings Bank, Central Pacific Bank, and First Hawaiian bank.

To the list of not major banks, we can include American bank, Bank of the Orient, Hawaii Best Loans LLC, and Finance Factor bank. These banks in Oahu have not large operating systems, there are several departments and no ATMs.

We offered the fullest list of banks in Hawaii, Oahu. But let’s observe them in detail and give information about their Branches and ATMs below.

Honolulu, Oahu is a military defense of the USA. The most famous place of military attacks here is Pearl Harbour. It’s also a very isolated city not just in the Us but over the world, but it’s not the reason to be one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Oahu.

It attracts with its surfing, big diversity of Hawaii food and livability. In 2015 Honolulu got the prestigious prize of 2nd place became the safest city in the United States.

Every year visitors and tourists from different countries bring here over $10 billion.  This money, brought from over the word should be collected and saved somewhere.

Local banks in Honolulu is the best place for this purpose because most of them started operating many years ago. As was written earlier we offer the most detailed description of these banks in Hawaii, Oahu, and their backgrounds below.

American Savings Bank

banks in oahu

Every Hawaiian bank operating in Honolulu you can find over this state. The banks’ branches, departments, ATMs are widely spread overall territory. Let  American Savings Bank be the first on our list. Its assets reached over $  6.8 billion. It’s the largest bank in Oahu.

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It started to work in 1922 but firstly presented itself as a company that works with loans and savings. Later its operations became stronger and through time got the reputation of the largest bank with major assets in Honolulu, Oahu.


Its departments are spread in locations of Oahu, such as:

  • Waianae and Honolulu,
  • Haleiwa and Kaneohe
  • Aiea and Wahiawa,
  • Kapole and Laie
  • Waipahu
  • Mililani
  • Pearl City

The general number of its Branches is 36. The total number of its ATMs is 58.

Bank of Hawaii

banks in hawaii oahu

The next large bank on our list will be the Bank of Hawaii. Peter Jones started it in 1893 more than 150 years ago in Hawaii. His friends helped him to make it work and nowadays it has assets of over $ 15 billion. In 2009 it became the largest local bank in the state.


It has locations in:

  • Oahu,
  • Honolulu and Kailua,
  • Hawaii and Waipahu,
  • Kaneohe and Pearl City,
  • Kapolei and Mililani,
  • Aiea and Wahiawa
  • and also, Ewa Beach.

The general number of its Branches is 38. The total number of its ATMs is 241.

Bank of the Orient

banks in honolulu

Now let’s observe not a big Hawaiian bank –  Bank of the Orient. This bank started operating in Oahu not so far that’s why we can name it as a new bank in Hawaii. I talk about its history – Bank of the Orient was founded in 1971 in San Francisco.

It was the first American bank that reached success through many Hawaiian communities. It hasn’t many locations over Hawaii, just one department in Honolulu. But reached success once  Bank of the Orient can spread widely over Oahu as well. It’s a question of time. The general number of its Branches is 1. The total number of its ATMs is 0.

Central Pacific Bank is the fourth bank on our list. It is located in Honolulu and many other Hawaiian cities.   Central Pacific Bank in Honolulu, Oahu was founded by Kochi Iiad nearly 70 years ago. Kochi Iliad was a great business leader in his sphere and originated the bank in 1954. The biggest aim of this bank was to help immigrants to begin a new life without continuing to work hard in the plantations.

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It is located in:

  • Oahu,
  • Honolulu, as was written above
  • also in Kailua and Kapolei
  • Kaneohe and Pearl City
  • Aiea and Mililani, Waipahu
  • and Wahiawa

The general number of its Branches is 27. The total number of its ATMs is 35.

Finance Factors

banks in oahu

The next Honolulu bank is  Finance Factors. This bank in Honolulu, Oahu was started in 1952 by Hiram Fong and five other island families. Finance Factors bank branches spread across 3 Hawaii’s islands has 14 branches in different Hawaiian locations. But the biggest one of them is situated in Honolulu.

Besides Oahu, its branches also you can find in Pearl city and Kailua.  But it has only departments, not ATMs.

The general number of its Branches is 10. The total number of its ATMs is 0.

First Hawaiian Bank

banks in hawaii oahu

One more large bank in our list is First Hawaiian Bank

This is the oldest bank in Honolulu, Oahu but also First Hawaiian bank is the largest in Hawaii. Through time it has proved its name of  First Hawaiian Bank. It was founded in 1858 and widely spread through six Hawaiian islands. Its total assets gained around $17 billion having 59 branches over Hawaiian territory.


Its locations are in:

  • Oahu,
  • Pearl City and Waianae
  • Honolulu and Kaneohe
  • Kapolei and Wahiawa
  • Haleiwa and Kahuku
  • Aiea and Ewa Beach
  • Kailua
  • and Mililani

The general number of its Branches is 34. The total number of its ATMs is 81.

American bank

banks in honolulu

American bank is new in Hawaii. It has just one Branch which is situated in Honolulu. American bank offers next services: Credit Cards, Insurance, Investments, Online Banking, Saving Bank, Saving Plans, Savings. There are not any ATMs of this bank.

Hawaii National Bank is the next bank in our list of Hawaiian banks. Hawaii National Bank in Honolulu, Oahu was run in 1960 and saved its owner through time. Its main aim is to provide customers with high quality of services. It proved that customers’ value is in priority, focuses on the enduring relationships.

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It’s located in:

  • Oahu
  • in Honolulu,
  • Pearl City
  • and in Kailua.

The total number of its Branches is 9. The total number of its ATMs is 0.

Hawaii Best Loans LLC
Hawaii Best Loans LLC is a proven leader for residential  Mortgage Loans in Hawaii. It offers different loan programs comfortable for its customers. But only one location of its Branch which is in Honolulu.

Ranks of banks in Honolulu

Also if we look at local rankings of these banks in Honolulu we can see the following positions:

  1. Bank of Hawaii
  2. Hawaii National Ban
  3. American Savings Bank
  4. First Hawaiian Bank
  5. Central Pacific Bank
  6. Bank of America
  7. Hawaiian Best Loans LLC

After having a look at our detailed description of banks in Honolulu, you may see that there weren’t major US banks. If to take into account that Hawaii is a hub for international business the question which rises- Why?  For not leaving questions without the answer we may offer the generally accepted theory that Honolulu is the far location.

It is could be true because starting any business in Hawaii costs much. And the benefits have not weighed this cost and could not be profitable for main US banks. One bank, interviewed by CNN,  said about this situation that it’s extremely expensive to operate in this area of Hawaii.

But there is not only the negative side in absence of Mainland Banks in Hawaii. Such a situation is greatly beneficial to the Honolulu current banks which we described in our list above. If some Mainland Us banks come to Oahu, Hawaii such as Wells Fargo, Citibank, or  Goldman Sachs it can ruin Honolulu’s local bank system and they will lose their benefits which they have now.

However, if the situation is without any changes in Mainland bank existence in Hawaii, the local banks will increase their assets, and involve more customers from Hawaiian communities to use their services and benefits.

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