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Hawaii National Bank Online - 5+ Useful Personal Services

We make it easy for you to do all your banking both in and out of our branches. That’s why we offer you a convenient Hawaii National Bank online feature, so you can carry out all necessary operations whenever you want. Fast, comfortable and keeping as safe as possible – the bank teller is in your pocket and always at your fingertips.

Hawaii National Bank Online

Easily check your card balances and pay all your bills on time from any device that has Internet access.hawaii national bank online


  • Ability to see your account balance and all transactions
  • Access your statements, checks, forms and other bank-related documents at any time
  • Pay all bills with the convenient state-of-the-art system
  • Make payments on your loans
  • Ability to schedule all account transfers
  • You will be able to transfer funds within our system as well as to external accounts at other banks
  • Notification mode for the account
  • Placement of stop payments

Do you already want to register with Hawaiian national bank?

Your first step is to call (808) 528-7800 on weekdays between eight and seventeen o’clock. Then you should go to our bank page to complete your registration.

Mobile Banking

Get access to the bank at any time of the day or night, from any smartphone with Internet access.

It’s easy enough – you just need to select your device. The application is absolutely free for both individuals and legal entities who have registered with our online bank. The only thing you will pay for is the use of mobile data to your operator.

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  • You can use your smartphone to activate or deactivate a lost or stolen bank card.
  • Easily and securely deposit checks into any of your accounts. You can learn more in our dedicated guide to check deposit via smartphone.
  • Pay all your bills from your smartphone: it saves you time, and all payments are just a few clicks away.
  • Transfer funds anywhere, whether it’s between all your accounts at Hawaii National Bank online or to other banks.
  • You’ll always be able to display a picture of your check, and with an easy click order a monthly report of your transactions.
  • Easily and quickly view your bank account balance and search your transaction history.
  • If your phone is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, you can set up fingerprint login.

Useful Information: Mobile Check Deposit Tutorial

This video is about mobile banking. You will learn how you can easily and quickly deposit a check from your phone while staying at home!


You can finally rid yourself of piles of paper documents and always get absolutely secure reports electronically and all important account notifications on time.


  • It’s completely free: you’ll be able to set up messages without paying a fee.
  • It’s instant: you will receive our message very quickly, unlike regular paper mail.
  • It’s comfortable: you’ll have access to all important messages at any time of the day or night via your computer or smartphone.
  • It’s completely secure: we guarantee secure access to all important documentation, and a complete reduction in the personal data that goes into regular paper mail.
  • It’s very environmentally friendly: Say no to paper waste, because everything is now available in a convenient electronic form.
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All the necessary instructions with a detailed breakdown of each step, you can easily find on our website.

Additional Services

We also provide you with a number of other banking services that will be a great and convenient assistant in any of your work. Here is their list:

  • The services of a qualified notary who will help solve any of your problems
  • All necessary traveler’s checks and a complete out-of-country expense report
  • Provision of cashier’s checks at your first request
  • All bank transfers, both between you and to other banks
  • Providing you with a personal safe deposit box (this service is available for only twenty dollars a year at our bank branches depending on the size of the safe)


  • Statement and Agreement on Disclosure of Electronic Banking Transactions
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement and Disclosure
  • Mobile Banking Agreement and Disclosure

Important Information About Information Security

At the Hawaii National Bank online, the privacy and security of all information regarding personal or account information is the most important thing that is done one hundred percent. We’ve prepared a special article for you to help you learn about all the recommendations of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council. Once you read it, you’ll be completely safe and you’ll stop worrying about the disclosure of your information or your bank account information.
Also, you can find information about the best bank in Hawaii in our new article and leave your vote

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