Hawaii National Bank Routing Number – Detailed Manual

Hawaii National Bank Routing Numbers

Today in the article we will look at all the information about Hawaii National Bank Routing Numbers.

What Is a Route Number

Your bank routing number is a nine-digit code that is used to recognize your bank during a transaction. This depends a lot on the place where the bank itself is located, in which you have opened a current account in your name. It is also called RTN, the transit number of the route or ABA, it is quite easy to find it. It is printed at the bottom left on your receipt. Another way to find out the routing number is to go to your bank’s website, usually, it is indicated in the information about the bank.

The most frequently requested types of transactions are bank transfers. Some banks often have not one routing number, but several, each of which performs its own task, its own region or branch of the bank. The Federal Reserve banks need routing numbers in order to properly process Fedwire transfers, and the ACH network requires them to monitor all transfers of funds online, for example, a direct transfer through a bank or payment of bills.

International Money Transfers

Wise (Transferwise) is a service that allows you to make international money transfers online with minimal commissions.

Wise has bank accounts opened all over the world.

For example, if you need to send money from Canada to Italy, then you make a transfer to a Transferwise account in Canada, and Wise sends money to the recipient already from its Italian account.

Thus, in fact, the money does not cross the border, but simply an order is transmitted inside the system to pay funds from your account to the account of a certain person.

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This scheme of work allows you to make transfers significantly cheaper and faster compared to traditional international bank transfers.

The difference from Westernunion or Moneygram is that sending and receiving transfers is carried out online, without the participation of cash, which also allows you to make lower commissions.

You will also save your personal time, since you do not have to run around looking for banks and waiting in queues.

Wise, depending on the country of the sender, offers various ways to make a money transfer. This can be a transfer from a bank account, using a debit or credit card, as well as regional payment systems. If you make transactions using a bank card, in some countries an additional fee is charged for processing a payment by card. The transfer can only be received in the national currency.

The exchange rate used is the average market, exchange rate. Such as you can, for example, see in Google or Xe.com. In most cases, it is better than the one offered by banks.

Can I trust this service? The company Wise (Transferwise) was founded in 2011 and is based in the UK. The security and privacy of money transfers is regulated by the British FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). The service is quite well-known and has many customers around the world. The support service is available via online chat, email or by phone.

When Will You Need the Hawaii National Bank Routing Number

The bank’s routing number is indicated at the bottom of the receipt and is the first nine digits on the left. The first four digits of any routing number indicate the Federal Reserve Bank of the area where the institution is located. The next four digits indicate the bank itself, and the last digit is the classifier of the check or negotiable instrument.

The digits following the routing number in the receipt are the account number and the receipt number for the bank from which the funds are to be received. All checks written in state or federal chartered banks will have transit check numbers. at the bottom of their checks.

Route transit numbers are often used when setting up a wire transfer relationship with a personal or commercial bank. Hawaii National Bank transfer is an electronic payment through a network managed by hundreds of banks around the world.

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Although physical currency is not transferred between financial institutions during a bank transfer, information is transferred between banks, including the recipient’s account details, the recipient’s bank account number, and the transfer amount.

As a result, the correct routing transit number is crucial to ensure that confidential information is sent to the appropriate receiving party and that the transaction proceeds smoothly.

Routing transit numbers is also associated with direct deposits of money from employers paying employees and income tax refunds from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Direct deposit allows the sender to deposit funds directly to the recipient’s bank account in electronic form, instead of a paper check.

Where to Find the Hawaii National Bank Routing Number On a Paper Check

The easiest place to find your bank routing number is to get out your checkbook and look at one of your paper checks. On most checks, the routing number will be at the bottom left and will consist of 9 digits. It will be in a sequence of three numbers printed in the form of MICR (character recognition with magnetic ink). The first number in the MICR sequence below is the routing number. The second one is the account number. The third is the receipt number.

Hawaii National Bank Routing Numbers

Route Numbers of the National Bank of Hawaii

In our records, the routing number for the Hawaii National Bank is 121301772.

Ways to Find Your Hawaii National Bank Routing Number Online

Here are some ways to find your routing number on the Internet:

  • On this page – We have specified a routing number for current accounts and Hawaii National Bank transfers.
  • Online banking – You can get your routing number by logging in to online banking.
  • Check or statement – Any check or bank statement issued by the bank.
  • Fedwire – You can view your routing number on the official website of the Federal Reserve System.
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What Is the Difference Between SWIFT / BIC, IBAN Codes, Sorting Codes and Routing Numbers

The abbreviation IBAN stands for “international bank account number“. What is its difference from a regular bank account? In fact, only in the fact that it was created according to international (or, more precisely, European) standards. This is done in order to simplify the transfer of funds from one country to another.

IBAN combines several important details at once: the recipient country code, control numbers/letters, the SWIFT code (or BIC code) and the account to which the money is sent directly. If you combine all this data into one code, you get 34 characters.

SWIFT code got this name for a reason. This code is assigned only to those banks and financial companies that have joined the Community of Global Interbank Financial Telecommunications. What is SWIFT code in simple language?
A banking institution, like any individual, must have its own unique identification code, but in the case of a SWIFT code, it is mainly used for international transfers of funds between banks from different countries.

Accordingly, when transferring money to another country, you will be required to enter a Swift Code. What is it in the bank details? First, as we have already indicated earlier, this is one of the mandatory components of the IBAN code. Secondly, it is an alphanumeric combination that consists of 8 or 11 digits.


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