List of The Best Banks In Maui – Detailed Information

List of all the banks In Maui - 7 TOP Popular Banks

In this article you will find out the useful information about best banks in Maui, bank services and contacts. First, we will deal with the history of Maui.

When chasing the banks on the Hawaii islands, Maui is one of the most favorable ones, as it locates the number of popular banks.

In case you have got acquainted with the history of Maui and the main points of its geography and life, leave these aspects behind and go-ahead to the bottom of the page to see the names of banks represented here. We’ll provide you with the information about their subsidiaries, position on the island, ATM machines and certainly with the details concerning them. If you are still willing to know Maui closer, continue reading to catch all that we know incredible about Maui!

The year was 1778 when a European found Maui during one of Captain Cook’s famous discovery adventures. But he wasn’t able to step on the island as he couldn’t find the place to land. In 1786 the other man whose name was Jean-Francois de La Perouse reached the coast near the bay that was later named in his honor – La Perouse Bay.

In 1900 Hawaii separated and formed its territory. After it became the fiftieth state of the USA in 1950, Hawaii changed into a great tourist attraction. As a result, tourism has turned into the leading source of economic growth and money income. It’s also known for its wonderful beaches and alluring scenery.

The most famous island which is second by size in Hawaii, Valley Isle, holds the number of nearly 150,000 inhabitants. Do you like adventures? So climbing to the Maui’s highest peak which rises 3,055 meters above sea level, high on the Haleakala volcano is exactly for you.

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One more agreeable thing is that Hawaii can boast incredible weather all year round. As a rule, winter lasts from November to April and the temperature varies within 70-80°F. In summer it can rise to the low 90°F. If to compare east and west of the island, it’s necessary to say that the eastern part is drier than the western as the rain mostly falls coming to the mountains.

When chasing the bank in Maui, pay attention to the town Kahului which is number one in financial and commercial affairs as it is the biggest on the island. Besides, this town hosts the branches of the majority of banks and their ATM machines here.

So we’ve come to the main question where the banks in Maui are placed? As well as in the mentioned Kahului, chase them in such towns as Paia, Lahaina, Kihei, Hana, Kaunakakai, Pukalani, Wailuku, and others.

Finally, to present the banks in Maui, look at this list – Central Pacific Bank, American Savings Bank, Finance Factors, Bank of Hawaii, Hawaii National Bank, First Hawaiian Bank. Moreover, at present each of them functions on the island.

Maui banks

Bank of the Orient

Totally, the banks are represented here in the A to Z order. Mentioning the banks in Hawaii, a single bank institution that has no subsidiaries or cash machines on Maui is the Bank of the Orient.

American Savings Bank in Maui

American Savings Bank in Maui

People generally call it ASB. It is the third bank in Hawaii by size. For this reason, it is the second by the number of subsidiaries on the island. Besides, it gained such size due to a big number of acquisitions of opponents, one of which happened in 1997 and is known as the resonant acquisition of the Hawaii Division of the Bank of America.

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The overall income in the year 2014 gained a tremendous sum that was equal to $6.7 billion that is approximately 50% more than the total GDP in Fiji!

When you come to Maui to chase this bank, be sure to find it in Kihei, Wailuku, Kahului, Lahaina, Kaunakakai, Pukalani. The bank numbers 8 subsidiaries with the same rate of ATM machines.

Bank of Hawaii

Bank of Hawaii - banks in maui

For the locals of the island, it is known as Bankoh, which is shown in its media liaison. On top of all, their online banking was also named ‘e-Bankoh’.

Being the biggest bank in Hawaii, it has the largest amount of branches situated in Maui, chase 12 of them on the whole island. The number of ATM machines also outpaced its competitors, as it operates and serves not less than 41 cash machines. They possess subsidiaries situated in Pukalani, Kihei, Lahaina, Hana, Wailuku, Paia, Kaunakakai, Makawao.

Central Pacific Bank

Central Pacific Bank

Central Pacific Bank Maui was set up in the year 1954. Its founder is Koichi Iiad. It mostly serves small businesses and Hawaiian families. This bank in Maui has only 10% of Central Pacific Subsidiaries in Hawaii that make 4 of them. They are located in Wailuku, Kahului, Kihei, Lahaina. And it operates 15 ATM machines.

Finance Factors

Finance Factors


This bank appeared in 1952 due to the joined efforts of Hiram Fong and five families from Hawaii. The aim was to meet the needs in the bank affairs of the minority who were moving and living in Hawaii. Soon the bank has become the partner of the following companies –  Finance Realty Company Ltd and Finance Insurance Ltd. It is placed only in Kahului, has 1 branch, unfortunately, it places no ATM machines on the island.

First Hawaiian Bank

First Hawaiian Bank

The bank was founded in 1858 by William Aldrich and Charles Bishop who wanted to provide more reliable banking services. The first investment was $4,785 from the whaling industry and soon it has become the biggest bank by deposits, loans, and income. The bank accumulated about $16 billion and opposed the 2015 GDP of Cambodia which stated $16.7 billion.

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The main branches are in Wailea, Napili, Lahaina, Kahului, Pukalani, Makawao, Kihei, Wailuku. The number of subsidiaries is 8. The total quantity of ATM machines is 27.

Hawaii National Bank

Hawaii National Bank

The bank has been private since its opening in 1960 and the satisfaction of the clients’ banking needs is of great value for them. All the branches are in favorable places. 2 out of 13 subsidiaries are placed in Maui, exactly in Kahului and Kihei. But the bank possesses no ATM machines in Maui.

Mainland US Banks in Maui

If you chase commonly American banks on the island, for instance, Bank of America, U.S Bancorp, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, you’ll be surprised they have no branches or cash machines here, in Hawaii. The reason is that a lot of people consider Hawaii to be rather small for the banks to move over the pacific.

Having less than 1% of the American population, bank owners think that the profit won’t cover the costs as it’s quite a distant land, due to the information by CNN from the anonymous bank. Certainly, it’s an appealing aspect for the existing banks in Maui. But for those chasing the banks Maui, the situation may soon change. The time will show!

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